Perishables pose challenge for online grocers

H-E-B acquires food delivery service

H-E-B has acquired Favor Delivery, an Austin, TX-based mobile app service that delivers orders from grocery stores and restaurants. H-E-B completed the deal while in the process of looking to expand its digital grocery business. The chain has expanded curbside pickup to more than 100 stores in Texas and it has existing partnerships with Instacart


Customer sues L.L. Bean over change in return policy

A “loyal” L.L. Bean customer is suing the company “for breaking its promises” after it announced a change in its return policy. The previous policy, which did not put a limit on when an item can be returned, was changed after Bean said some were gaming the system to take unfair advantage. Customers have one-year


Amazon is Now Worth More Than Microsoft, Becomes the World’s Third Most Valuable Company

The race in becoming the first company to reach the trillion dollar mark in terms of market capitalization is still ongoing. However, Amazon is a strong contender as its long-running market rally continues unabated. Thanks to a sharp rise in its company’s shares on Wednesday, Amazon became the world’s third most valuable company, overtaking Microsoft