Amazon claims success with B2B office supplies biz

Posted on claims to have attracted more than one million customers since launching Amazon Business, its office supplies unit dedicated to commercial accounts. The e-tailing giant reports that it is attracting companies from mom and pops up to Fortune 50 businesses with the venture launched two years ago.

Sync Your Sales and Marketing Teams With Shared Goals

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I heard one of the most ridiculous statements a couple of months ago from a fellow marketer. He and I were discussing a recent meeting he’d had with the others on his marketing team. They were discussing a new management platform they were trying out, and how it was pretty hard to figure out the […]

7 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your eCommerce Business

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Online businesses have been booming in recent years due to the conveniences they offer. If you’re planning to enter this industry, you should bear in mind that an online shop is significantly different from a physical store. Unlike the latter, where location and the establishment itself plays a role in attracting customer, online businesses rely […]

Americans want ‘Made in USA’ goods at the right price

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American consumers say they want goods made in the USA, but their spending habits make clear that they are not willing to pay more to buy domestically produced products. Sixty-nine percent of respondents to a Reuters/Ipsos survey said price is “very important” in their purchasing decisions while only 32 percent said something made in the […]